Kyanne & The Git Down Markdown

A blog about learning how to make a blog

The Inaugural Post

Since I've started learning web development I've planned on keeping a blog to document my progress, but a perfectionist streak that's embedded in my genetic makeup, a glut of static site generator options, and a smidge of ADHD has relegated starting such a blog to the backburner. But I'm finally putting my foot down and my fingers to the keyboard and starting the damn thing, so:

Welcome to Kyanne & The Git Down Markdown*

Pardon my barebones layout. Actually, let's just call it my schtick--I'm going to build this blog from the ground up and take you along for the entire ride. I won't be using any themes, I won't employ any preprocessors unless I research and blog about them first, and aside from the wonderfully simple static site generator's zillions of dependencies, I won't use a ton of fancy JavaScript to build my pages until I understand what the heck they're all doing. Maybe I'll even write some of my own. Why? I'm a masochist I want to understand the modern web inside and out, upside and down, and I'd love to explain it as best I can so you can understand it too.

So please, don't pardon my dust. Just enjoy watching me turn it into something beautiful.